What Others Are Saying

Carol Freeman

“There are many ways to reach others but all aren’t effective. I’ve had the privilege of seeing The Carrie Potter Group in action for several years and I’ve experienced a relationship that is not only effective but long lasting.  To put it simply, The Carrie Potter Group wants the best for their clients so if you want the job done right I assure you… trust Carrie Potter to do it.”

Carol Freeman, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, Johnny Mitchell Branch, Volunteer Coordinator for 25 years


Larry Lilly

“Carrie Potter has provided the most concise, insightful financial analysis for extremely diversified companies, more so than any of the many advisors I have dealt with in 40 years.”

Larry L. Lilly, Director, Lilly Consulting and Retired Chairman, John M. Campbell & Co.


Shawn Raymond

“Carrie is perhaps best described according to three important “C”s: she’s conscientious, creative, and caring.  I’ve never met a business manager work harder, think more strategically, or secure more consistent results for her clients than Carrie.  She’s a tireless dynamo who is all about one thing – protecting her clients’ interests.”

Shawn Raymond, Partner, Susman Godfrey LLP; Co-Founder, Sunflower County Freedom Project; Former Board Chair, The Houston Area Women’s Center


Peter Konwerski“Carrie’s a terrific resource for financial, brand, and business strategy. I’ve personally been fortunate to know Carrie for nearly 19 years as I’ve watched in awe as she’s grow her organization into a dynamic, talented team. Along the way I’ve seen her take strategic risk and make bold decisions to support the vision of her clients and achieve their personal and organizational goals. She’s a natural leader and a powerful presence — both in person and in the boardroom!”

Dr. Peter Konwerski, Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, The George Washington University